Find the best pole saw 2018

Pole saws are fantastic tools for carrying out common pruning tasks around the garden. Essentially, these could be seen as pole chainsaws, but a lightweight version that is easier to maneuver.

If you’re looking to save time on cutting through tree overhangs, branches and untidy twigs, you can be sure that they will make light work of an otherwise arduous task. After all, who wants to spend all day laboring on something, when you have a handy tool readily available to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible?

If you have landed on this site, you are probably one of two people. The first being someone who knows roughly what model they would like to buy, but want more information about it in the form of reviews, the second is learning about the different types, alongside our pole saw ratings and how you can benefit from using each.

To address the first point we have compared various saws through reviews and guides to try to help you decide which is the most suited to your trimming style.

Comparison table of our pole saw reviews

Product model Type Price Review
Troy-Bilt TrimmerPlus PS720 Gas $ Here
Poulan Pro PP258TP Gas $$ Here
Remington RM2599 Gas $$ Here
Remington RM1015SPS Electric $ Here
WORX WG309 Electric $ Here
GreenWorks 20672 Cordless $$ Here
Earthwise CPS40108 Cordless $$ Here

To address the second point, there are currently three main types that dominate the industry. I will outline all of these below so you get a better understanding of the main differences, as well as any positives and negatives of pruning with each.

Electric pole saws


These are a very common choice. There are plenty of consumers purchasing these around the web. Corded electric pole saws certainly have many positives. The main points however, I have outlined below.


  • Lighter, easy to move around with limited strain on arms.
  • Because they are attached to a power outlet, they tend to have a extra degree of power compared to the cordless variants.
  • Operates reasonably quietly
  • Easy to use


  • Many of these models struggle with thicker branches when compared to gas variations, simply because they don’t have the same power capacity in most cases.
  • Because it’s attached to the power outlets, you may need to purchase a extension cable in order to reach further down your garden.

Gas pole saws


The models and brands that operate on gas are generally the heavier duty type that is more often than not used in a more commercial environment. This is not always the case however, with many gardening enthusiasts wanting a more powerful option for the thicker, more difficult cutting jobs.


  • Performance levels are generally higher than cordless and electric types simply because of the extra power.
  • It’s a heavy duty option which is great for the more difficult tasks. Cutting thicker branches to be expected.
  • Durability levels are generally impressive. This can’t always be said for every saw. That’s also ensuring they are properly maintained.
  • Gas tank will need to be refilled. Hence money spent on topping up.


  • You will probably feel the stress on your arms and shoulders a bit more simply because they weigh more than electric models.
  • Quite noisy – A good option if you wish to wind up the neighbors.
  • Generally speaking, they tend to be more expensive than the lighter electric options.
  • Not environmentally friendly.

Cordless pole saws


Quite self-explanatory in the fact that best rated pole saw of this variation, operates without a cord. Very similar in design to electric types, yet not quite on the same levels performance wise. However, one can take comfort in the fact that these are a lot more convenient, easy to move around and relatively inexpensive, which is fantastic for those of you on a lower budget looking to do some basic pruning work.


  • As mentioned above, they are lightweight, and easier on your arm muscles.
  • Almost anyone will be able to use it. It’s user friendly and very efficient.
  • When you compare noise levels to gas saws, there is a noticeable difference. These are surprisingly quiet.
  • No cords means no tangles in wiring, reduced injury risks and staying free from operational limitations because it doesn’t need to be attached to a power supply.


  • Power limitations. It will not have the same level of performance as the electric and gas powered options.
  • As with most cordless tools, effectiveness relies on the power remaining. It will need to be charged regularly which can be an annoying inconvenience for some.

Buying guide

I think the key question here is what type is best suited for your requirements? The only way we can answer this comes down to how often you plan on using it.

If you are someone who does gardening work on a day to day basis, you may be more interested in a gas option because the longevity and reliability combined with the power are going to help you in the long run.

If you are just looking to maintain the trees and bushes in your garden every now and then, we believe an electric or cordless option is much better suited for your needs simply because they are less expensive, and will normally get the average job done with ease.

Like most things in life, the quality of the tool acquired will ultimately come down to the budget you have which we cover in more detail below, but the rules above are generally true for the majority of consumers.

What’s your budget?

Understanding what each and every individual budget level has to offer can go a long way towards you finding a sensible and reliable choice. Listed below, we pick several of our favorite models from each price range.

Under $100

Those of you working with a low budget will not want something too feature rich. You will preferable need a power pruner that is consistent, reliable, and easily usable.

Featured pick

The Remington RM1015SPS – An electric powered model with a well respected manufacturer behind it. Operates on an 8 amp motor and has a detachable pole that is very mobile and easy to handle. Customer reviews demonstrate how effective it has been for others, with an overwhelming majority rating it very highly. Our analysis certainly finds a good level of quality.

Under $250

Featured pick

The Remington RM2599 – A sensible pick for those with a limited budget to work with. Operates on a 25 CC engine that will produce solid cutting power.

Under $500

Featured pick

The Poulan Pro PP258TP – Solid option for those of you who plan on doing regular pruning and trimming in your yard. This is a gas model that offers that little bit more power that’s required for slightly more thick branches. Excellent option for reaching those difficult areas on trees and very easy to handle.

Extension and reach

No two tree’s or branches are the same. We realize some are in more difficult to reach places, while others are lower down and are quick and easy jobs. If you have a job that is going to require getting up high, you will need to keep an eye on the pole pruner reach and how far it extends. While researching, we have found that the majority of models have a reach between eight and twelve feet.

Keep in mind there are some confusing advertising strategies in this market that include the users height in the reach equation. To avoid this problem, we suggest looking at maximum extension as this will give you an accurate description of what to expect.

Bar length

When manufacturers use the terms bar, they are not referring to the rod section in the middle. It is in fact, a reference to the length of the area covered by the chain on the end. Anywhere between six and twelve inches tend to be the most common options.

A general rule of thumb is that the longer the length of this bar, the better chance it has of cutting those thicker, more difficult branches and limbs.


There are several leading brands that have great reputations. Focus shouldn’t always be on the brand of a model, hidden gems are missed this way as our research has shown in the past. However, you can’t go far wrong looking at the following brands:

  • Husqvarna – A well known brand that supplies all sorts of garden tools ranging from blowers, to lawn mowers. Well respected and have been around a long time. Their pruning range has got a great reputation which you can read more about here.
  • Poulan – Another highly rated brand offering some excellent value for money options. With a history going as far back as 1944, it’s understandable that they have some first class technology in their yard maintenance products.
  • Remington – Anyone who has worked in this industry for a long period of time will have heard about Remington. When we analyze their products in online shops, the ratings are almost always high, which underlines the fact that they are making some top quality products.
  • GreenWorks – We regard this brand as the one that provides some of the top rated pole saws. Yes, they can be lower budget, but when you look at some of the specs they include, it’s understandable that they get so much positive feedback from consumers.
  • Earthwise – Perhaps not as well known as the others listed above, but at the same time, it’s not a brand that should be dismissed so easily. Looking at their home and garden products, you can see their is quite a lot of positive buzz surrounding their models.
  • Troy-Bilt – Feature rich pruners that are equipped with some fantastic settings. Built to be durable against the day to day trimming tasks and surprising inexpensive despite how much is on offer.

Use ratings to your advantage

Always remember to keep an eye on customer reviews before you make a purchase. You can often notice a common theme of any faults and difficulties users have uncovered about various pole tree trimmers. Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each model before making a decision. It will save you from headaches down the road.

The top rated options are not always the most popular. Sometimes you find hidden gems that have not quite built up the same rapport as others. These can often be found cheaper than some of the heavy hitting brand names in the industry. In any case, you now have an overview of what to expect whilst shopping. Good luck.


I quite often find that the best pole saws are not always the most expensive. As someone who has worked in this industry for quite a few years now, I find it’s getting the right mix between money spent and what features you need.

Have a good, long think about the tasks you will use it for, how tall the bushes and trees you are going to work with will be, and the level of thickness you will be cutting through. All of these need to be taken into account before you make any decision. You should also consider how often you’re going to use it. Will it be better for something low cost, if you’re only going to use it once a year.

Once you have looked into the above, be sure to read our reviews of individual products to understand the advantages and benefits of each product. We aim to provide comprehensive reviews by analyzing individual products specifications and finding information on their capabilities, performance, value, and design.

However, if you’re still struggling to find a match for you’re requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.