Best expandable garden hoses 2018

People who find watering plants in the flowerbed relaxing and rewarding will appreciate they need to be watered frequently to keep them in top condition. Especially in the hot summer months.

Expandable hoses can be the perfect solution for extra reach, when not in use they collapse to save space, and stretch when in use. There are many good, strong products in this industry, some of which we will highlight below.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
KMM 50 feet 8/10
Ohuhu 100 feet 9/10
Klaren 25 feet 7/10


Below, we look into what individual products can do for you by researching the specifications and features. We also keep what consumers have said about them in mind as well as the overall length. Some will be better suited for large gardens, but those same options may not be a smart investment for smaller yards.

Klaren 25 feet

Despite it’s size, this hose from Klaren is noted as being reasonably light. But don’t think the weight of it will effect the durability.

The inner system and tubing materials are covered by a polyester fabric that will help reduce its chances of being damaged when in use.

It comes in a blue color,  that reaches a good distance of 25 foot, which could work well for medium sized spaces. And because it’s equipped with an accordion design, you can expect less tangling and more spraying.

We recommend this one for those of you working with a low budget. Having high ratings and being inexpensive is almost always a good combination.

Ohuhu 100 feet

If it’s length you’re aiming for because you have a larger than average space to maintain, this model from Ohuhu could be ideal with an impressive reach of up to 100 foot. At first it will be 33 ft, then gradually stretch out further to 100.

The design has features built to protect the inner tubing. Namely the snake shape design which will reduce the daily wear and tear as well as friction. This results in a longer lasting hose.

It meets FDA standards by having a inner tube that is made from 100% natural latex and our research has found plenty of positive consumer feedback on the web.

The great thing about this option is that you also get a choice of eight varying spray patterns for effective watering.

KMM 50 Feet

For shoppers wanting something hitting the mid range areas, this 50 foot model from KMM could work well. It’s flexible and made with materials that are designed to last, such as the brass connectors and its bistratal uniform latex tube.

When you’re done caring for the garden, this hose collapses in on itself to measure just seventeen feet which is a much easier size for storage.

Once set up and installed, you can choose a different spray power for different purposes. There are nine to work with in total, some of which may be better for washing down your family pet, others for watering flowerbeds. Whatever you use it for, the versatile nature of these can be really handy at times.

Wrapping up

These make great alternatives to the standard hoses on the market. The flexible nature and length they provide are ideal for modern households where you need something that provides water effectively for a wide variety of purposes. They store away easily and in most cases, they aren’t too expensive. We believe they are something worth considering to make your gardening tasks easier.