What a beautiful day

Excellent weather today for making the most of my day off in the garden. Time will be well spent lazing about on the lawn.

Neighbors yard maintenance

Today me and my brother decided to help out a neighbor in trimming things in his back and front yard. A nice chap who we were glad to lend our skills too.

Day of pruning

Fun day in the garden taking care of the overgrown bushes with our new gas saw. The yard looks a lot more presentable now.

Taking care of your tools

After a mega clear out of our garage/shed. We found that several of the upper tier products we have purchased in the past have been quite a bit more durable than some of their low budget counterparts.

Garden of the year

Found an impressive list of gardens that have received this award today. Some of them look magnificent. Totally jealous of how they look, with all the different colors.