Cordless pole saw reviews

Cordless pruners can be extremely handy for specific jobs. The lack of cables and wiring can be advantageous. Not only does the design reduce the chances of accidents through tripping, it also tends to be easier to move around thanks to them being very light.

The battery needs to be checked often and charged which is one downside, but there are certainly a lot of positives to be found when using this type of tool over gas and electric.

Simple to maintain, yet very effective at handling most pruning and trimming tasks around the garden, These variants offer value for money and flexibility all in one package.

We have reviewed and compared several of the best sellers in the pole pruner market as well as a few newcomers below. We want to ensure you get all the details about any tool before you spend money, hopefully removing buyers remorse in the process.

The best cordless pole saws compared

GreenWorks 20672 – An essential for your gardening tool collection. This model from Greenworks packs an impressive list of features for the price, and the ratings received so far around the web are a testament to that.

It’s easy to use, has good reach extension length to prune those upper branches that overhang the neighbors garden, and allows you to add extra tension to the bar chain in case it feels a bit loose. Read our review here.

Earthwise CPS40108 – A low budget, but very effective tree pruner from Earthwise that contains an excellent spec list. It’s quite clear from ratings received around the web by both professionals and customers alike, that this model gets the job done well for it’s low price tag.

The handle is very impressive, allowing a full three hundred and sixty degree rotation. Some saws don’t offer this, and it has been known as a primary reason behind joint pain when using them. Read our article that covers all it’s features here.

Buying guide and considerations

Understanding the basics behind a good product and a bad one is going to save you money in the long run. We take a identify several things first time buyers may want to consider before making a rash decision.

Budget – One of your first tasks should be outlining what your budget is. By doing so, you will be able to filter through our guides easier. We will point you in the right direction regardless of whether you are operating on a lower budget, of high. You will find huge amount of variety in price. Some will be under $500, others below $200, whilst you can also find some cheap options that fall below $100. This all comes down to user preferences.

Reach – Think about what length you will require to reach the highest branches in your own back yard. Aim for something within this range as you won’t really need something that goes above and beyond because it will increase the price.

Weight – Because you are usually working without the extras, for example no cord, these products are often very light from the go. However, you may want to look at this before you decide to buy. We suggest this so that people don’t end up with a tool that is difficult for them to lift and handle.

Brand – Some brand names are bigger and more popular than others. Sometimes through quality, other times on reputation alone. We have picked out some of our favorites on the right hand side menu. Plenty of top options that have received positive feedback on the web.

Power – You will want to ask yourself what the products cutting power is when detached from the cord. This is where this type can fall short, especially when up against gas options. However, you can often expect them to be lightweight and perfect for trimming bushes and  small trees and plants.

Warranty – Make sure you research into what sort of warranty policy is included with the product. Sometimes you have separate policies for the bar and the working parts, so there is no set in stone option and it varies by quite a bit.

Consumer ratings – Before you make any decisions final, you will want to take a final look at various reviews around the web from major retailers online. They can often give you first hand experience on how effective their tool is and what sort of value it has brought to the table.


In closing, our advice to you would be to take your time researching and analyzing cordless tree trimmers and comparing them with their competitors. By doing so you can eliminate the lower quality models and find some great options with truly great value for money. The picks above only encompass a very small part of the market, and we feel these are options that will do a great job for day to day gardening duties.