Earthwise CPS40108 review

If simplicity and usability are anything to go by, the CPS40108 cordless pole saw is right up there with some of the best options in the market. While there are certainly limitations compared to a gas pruner, this is more than effective enough to handle day to day trimming and maintenance of your yards.

Perhaps what is more striking is it’s affordability. We were very surprised at the price tag due to the versatile nature of the model and it’s feature list.

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Adjustable handle

A nice handle that can go up to nine feet to get that much needed reach for those higher hanging twigs and branches. Its accessibility these modern pruners bring to your tool shed are ever improving, meaning the wide majority of people can easily reach those otherwise inaccessible places that may of required a ladder in the past. In a way it takes away that inconvenience, while also lowering the risks of injury.

Auxiliary handle to allow 360 degrees of rotation when cutting is just the icing on the cake, and not an option all models offer.

Lightweight pole

A very light pole keeps stress on your arms and shoulders to a minimum. If you have every worked with gas variants, you will notice a major difference with cordless pole saws. In most cases, lesser weight means it’s easier to work on your bushes, trees and shrubs for longer. In our opinion this should be a major influence on any buying decision with these type of tools. Upper body strength does come into play quite a bit. This particular model shares a lot of similar features with the Earthwise cps40108, a pole saw which could well be worth having a look at before you make any buying decision.

This is entirely down to it’s fiberglass material which is light by nature anyway and obviously a very welcome addition in our eyes.

CPS40108 8 Inch sawBar and chain information

It’s equipped with an eight inch bar and chain. Whilst this may not be a industrial strength option for major jobs, it provides enough to get general gardening tasks completed.

The tension automatically adjust, keeping performance consistent throughout pruning and trimming of your hedges and overhangs.

Power and battery

It’s equipped with an 18 volt/17 AH NiCAD battery. Not a huge deal of power by any stretch of the imagination, but a very good option for your general housekeeping tasks.

To make things even simpler, once you’re out of power, you simply charge it up with the included charger and your ready to go again. The cordless design is fantastic and it certainly looks as though Earthwise have really thought about usability when bringing this pole saw out.

What consumers are saying

After digging through various feedback resources found on numerous sites, we found a mix of both worlds. There is plenty of positive comments talking about its overall effectiveness of cuts, and its overall value for money.  On the other hand, we seen a couple of negatives such as the instructions not being as thorough as they perhaps could of been.


Overall, the Earthwise CPS40108 has certainly attracted a happy consumer base and we believe that is for good reason. Consistency and reliability combined with value for money are always the winning formula when bringing out a product in this market, and this tool has each of them.

Click here to read customer reviews and check for discounts