Electric pole saw reviews

The quieter, lightweight version of the gas models. With this comes several benefits. One, they tend to come at cheaper prices, and two, there is far less strain on your upper body due to it’s lightweight design, much akin to the cordless variants.

If keeping costs down is important to you then these saws will arguably provide the most value for money. You get a consistent level of power, reliability, and usability which allows users to handle many types of gardening tasks from pruning to full on cutting of low hanging branches.

There are several electric options that stand out, several of which we have listed and reviewed below for your convenience. By taking the time to cover each model in depth, highlighting and flaws and advantages, you are potentially going to save lots of money on maintenance and replacements in the long run.

The top rated products are not always obvious, and they are subject to the users gardening requirements in most cases. But we have listed out our picks with a good amount of variety to cover as many needs and wants as possible.

The best electric pole saws compared

Remington RM1015SPS – This product from Remington is equipped with a ten foot pole and designed to protect the user against it slipping from their grip. We believe it’s suitable for those of you looking for something that is reliable and effective for personal use.

It has a great set of features that allow it to stand out from several of it’s competitors. What’s more, it’s priced very reasonably and has plenty of great feedback in online stores.

WORX WG309 – Effective, efficient and great usability is just a few of the terms we would use to describe this electric pole pruner. Easily detachable for storage, a decent eight foot reach, and a handle that is ergonomically designed and allows for rotation.

What’s more, as electric tree trimmer models go, it is reasonably cheap. Our review covers all it’s main features, specs while also looking at what customers around the web have been saying about it.

Things to take into consideration before you buy

Before you decide to splash out on a new product, there are certain things that should be taken into account to save you running into difficulties further down the line. We have listed a few of them below.

Warranty policy – Always look at what coverage is included within the warranty. Does it just handle the bar, or the working parts too? What is the length of time on offer? These are all questions you should be thinking about.

Reach – What good will it be if your product doesn’t reach the higher branches in your back yard? Have a browse of the areas that need to be maintained and pruned in your back garden and decide what the absolute minimum length in reach you will require.

Budget – Set yourself a budget level and stick to it. It’s easy to overspend when shopping, so sticking to your budget level should help in combating this. However, what you don’t want to do is under spend and come up with something that doesn’t do the pruning jobs you require of it effectively.

Brand – Numerous brand names are available on the market. Some of which we highlight on the right hand side of this website. Some are more reputable than others, whilst others are smaller but provide a lot of value and still produce units that cut precisely.

Grip – You will preferably want something that is easy to hold onto and comes with non slip materials to reduce the chances of injuries.

Weight – As mentioned previously, you will need to think about the sort of weight you are able to lift and look for a option around that weight. The last thing you want to do is put too much strain on your muscles and joints, risking unnecessary pain and injuries.

Maintenance – Consider how much maintenance a product needs. Some need a lot more attention than others, which will be highlighted in our maintenance guide. However, a lot of this information will be outlines in the product manuals.

Consumer ratings – As always, it’s sensible to look at what people are saying about it around the web at various retail stores and blogs. This can more often than not, weed out the less effective ones and lead you to the more popular, highly rated models.


Wrapping up, the electric pruning saw models listed above are our top picks that operate on electricity. There are several reasons for this which we have outlines in our buying guides and above. Keep an eye out for new releases and reviews in the future for in depth analysis of their qualities and flaws. When you find a product that fits your requirements and is compatible with what you need it to do in the garden, they are truly a fantastic tool that makes light work of otherwise arduous, time consuming, manual labor. Well worth the investment and depending on the model, they pay for themselves many times over in time saved.