Gas pole saw reviews

For sheer power, performance and reliability,  gas pole saws are a very viable option for commercial and everyday use. They tend to have a higher level of durability due to their heavy duty nature.

Naturally, when we look at how durable a tool is, we find that the longer lasting designs tend to have a correlation with overall performance levels in cutting and pruning. And it because of this, that the prices tend to be a bit more expensive than their cordless and electric variants.

They also tend to be bulkier and heavier than their other counterparts, but don’t let this put you off purchasing one, they stand the test of time and tend to have a certain level of reliability not found in every type of pole saw.

Naturally, there is a bit more maintenance involved, which is all about keeping the filters clean and in pristine condition.

If you are in the landscaping trade, or simply do a lot of maintenance work for clients, you may wish to avoid the cordless and electric options and instead choose to go with one of these models straight away. Many of them you will find are built to stand the test of time and are proven time and time again to handle all kind of pruning and trimming jobs with ease.

We have compared several of the more popular gas powered models below as well as some of the lesser known options so consumers can get a feel of what to expect upon purchase.

The best gas pole saws compared.

Husqvarna 128LDX – Comes with a 28cc gas powered motor, a maximum extension length of nine foot four inches, and a ten inch bar length. Solid, powerful, easy to use and a reputable brand behind it.

Consistent power, reasonably light, and very effective for those often hard to reach places. Shaft is fully detachable should the need arise to keep the space it takes up to a minimum in storage.

Husqvarna 327pt5s – Yet another top tier pole saw from Husqvarna, with some unsurprisingly great features. This is a model designed for those of you with a larger than average budget.

But when spending so much on a tool, do you get your money’s worth? There are certainly plenty of positives including a twelve inch bar length, and two years warranty on the built in parts and any labor. Read our full review here.

Poulan Pro PP258tp – Sheer simplicity and user friendly are just a few of the words I would use to describe this pruner. Yes, there are plenty of models and brands that will give this particular one a run for it’s money, but for the price, there is a good amount of power that produces a consistent cut and all the while from a brand with a good reputation.

It offers plenty of great features which make your yard work easier and less time consuming. We cover all of it’s specs fully in our in depth review.

Remington RM2599 – Not all gas variants have the versatile design the maverick offers. It’s because of this that it has become a popular choice for both amateur and professional landscapers and gardeners alike.  We are not saying there isn’t any flaws, every saw has them, but we feel it offers a lot for the price.

Definitely worth looking at if you haven’t quite decided what is the right tool for your requirements. And to top it off, Remington are a solid name in the industry.

Troy-Bilt TrimmerPlus PS720 – Manufactured by a well respected brand in the industry, Troy-Bilt have certainly produced a great gas pruner that is highly effective at making clean cuts without putting to much stress on the body.

Versatile in that it can extend to different reach levels to handle low hanging bushes or high hanging branches. Equipped with an eight inch bar, an a very light design.

A few considerations before you buy

Before you decide to go out and make a purchase, you should always be smart and think about exactly what you need your product to do. In doing so, you lessen the chance of ending up with something that doesn’t quite do the tasks you ask of it. Listed below are a few pointers that may make this slightly easier for you.

Reach – Are you planning on trimming back those high, hard to reach branches, or will you be satisfied with something more lightweight with a shorter bar? Not everyone has huge trees in their back yard, so it’s important to think about that.

Budget – Do you have deep pockets, or are you looking for something on a tight budget? There are limitations with the features you can acquire with a low budget, so be sure to take more time to research each model to ensure you are getting great value for the amount you’re spending.

Warranty – Is the product you’re looking at covered by a solid warranty policy?

Weight -The amount of weight a product has can effect how you carry out your gardening work. Do you need something lighter and easy to move around, or are you strong enough to handle the heavy, more commercial standard models?

Grip – You want something that prevents slippage and easy to hold onto. There are options that are molded to the hands shape, and options that just have simple tube grips.