Husqvarna pole saw reviews

pruning toolIt should come as no surprise that Husqvarna have a great track record in garden tools, not least of all pole saws. They are a well respected company that has had plenty of positive feedback from customers over the years.

Let’s not forget the fact they have been operating for around 325 years. That’s experience for you.

We review just a few of their models and compare them with some of the industries best rated products and attachments, to come to the conclusions of:

  1. Does it provide good value for money? – We will compare various models with the competition on the industry, and see how the prices match up. The idea is to see how much functionality you can get whilst still remaining the cheaper option.
  2. How durable it is – This will involve looking at the materials used in its construction, previous experience, consumer feedback, and looking at complaints where people have run into problems, be it parts falling off or even breaking. These are all things that tell us a lot about the overall quality and longevity of a product.
  3. How effective it is – This will involve checking the main features and what its overall capabilities are regarding cutting and pruning greenery in the yard. Lots of things to understand related to this including the power source, size of the chain, shaft, handle, and much more.

Alongside this, we take into account various feedback from customers who have taken the time to rate each of these products and help us understand the positives and negatives of each. Understanding others previous experiences with specific models can go a long way in helping you find a good match for your requirements, as well as filtering out the potentially bad products.

Our reviews compared

128ldxHusqvarna 128LDX – An outstanding saw that will make pruning back the trees, shrubbery and bushes in your back yard as simple as it gets. More power than your average electric saw, which in turn, offers a lot more reliability in both cutting and how durable it is.

Priced slightly higher than what we would expect an average model to go for, but looking through its long list of specifications in the manual, you get what you pay for. Any doubts, we point you towards our review here.

327PT5SHusqvarna 327pt5s – Another gas option that can certainly enhance your productivity in pruning.  As pole saws go, this is definitely on the higher end of the price scale, and for that reason alone, we only suggest this one if you are going to be using it on a regular basis.

There are much more convenient options out there for half the price if you are only going to be using it from time to time.


Overall, you will find numerous models from this brand offering a wide range of features and specifications including detachable shafts, telescopic tubes, harnesses, and plenty more. All designed to maximize usability, user comfort, and functionality.

Taking into account the points above, we feel one of these could make a fantastic addition to your garden tool shed. The simplicity and ease of use combined with the added incentive of less time consuming gardening make them a sensible choice for maintaining shrubbery, plants, and tree lines.