Pole saw safety guide

When working with pole saws, especially overhead, it’s very important to ensure you take the appropriate safety measures to protect yourself. Falling branches and sharp teeth on the chain are all health hazards when the tool is used incorrectly.

Here are a few pointers to keep you from harms way.

Footwear – Ensure you are wearing stable, strong footwear that are designed to be non slip. Smart use of reliable footwear allows you to keep your balance while carrying out your pruning tasks. It would also be a good idea to wear the heavy duty variants that come with steel capped toes.

Helmet – It’s always a good idea to wear a safety helmet when working with branches and limbs. Who knows, one could drop out of nowhere, and you will be pleased that you wore it.

Safety goggles/glasses – Protect your eyesight with goggles. The dust, wood chippings and particles can cause serious damage to your eyes.

Ear protectors – Saws can be known to be loud. While the cordless pole saws are a little bit easier on the ears, consistent use of these tools can have a bad effect on your hearing levels. Covering your ears with plugs or headphones can really help prevent this.

Gloves – Keep your hands out of harms way. With gloves you can also reduce the chance of getting blisters over your fingers from prolonged use.

Power lines – Make sure you are cutting well away from overhead power lines. We suggest giving yourself at least fifteen meters. If the tree you want to cut is closer then that, it’s not worth the risk!

Bystanders – Ensure there is non one standing around you within a 15 meter radius. This will reduce the chances of a branch falling and causing serious injury to bystanders.

Read the manual – Always read the manual before you use it. Guessing is a sure way to land yourself into all kinds of problems. Spend a little time browsing through the pages, taking note of appropriate use and instructions, can save a lot of hassle and protect you and those around you.

Regular maintenance – If the manufacturer recommends regular maintenance, this is something you will want to keep on top of, especially for gas pole saws. What’s more, by doing so you increase the longevity of the product and save yourself cash in repairs.