Poulan Pro PP258TP review

The PP258TP is a pole pruner that makes cutting and trimming extremely simple. It’s a great tool for the average American garden. Plenty of specs allow it to differentiate itself from many competitors which would explain why it has been attracting many positive pieces of feedback from happy consumers around the web.

It has a long reach and will help users reach those high, awkward overhangs of bushes that upset the look and feel of the rest of the garden.

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Specifications and features

The specs are clearly laid out by the manufacturer, displaying it’s capabilities in depth. And it’s because of the transparency of the features of this pole saw, that we believe contributes majorly to how well rated it has become.

Just a look at various outlets, online stores and expert summaries from people familiar in the industry is enough to confirm there is a certain degree of quality, not often found in products of this price range. All this before we actually analyse what’s included ourselves.

There are of course solid alternatives to talk about, of which I point towards the Husqvarna 327PT5S. Power and performance that matches the majority of professionals needs and certainly worth looking into before you decide to buy this particular model. That same rule applies at the other end of the scale with the Troy-Bilt PS720.

To highlight the strength and power consistency of the cut, manufacturer recommendations talk about cutting branches of a maximum up to six inches in diameter. The wide majority of overhangs and bushes are far thinner than this, so this is a plus point and demonstrates why it’s beginning to gain traction in this market.

The eight inch saw bar adds that little bit extra reach at the end and in combination with the rod, it is capable of reaching up to twelve feet. This is fantastic news for those of you who have found they needing to continuously get out in the back garden and use a ladder to reach those awkward areas.

It shares many of it’s best features with several other leading pole saw models. These include the Remington RM2599 and the Husqvarna 128LDX. And it’s because of competition like this in the industry that there is always new products with improved performance, design and handling. Which can also spark a price war. We see this as a good thing.

What’s more, the fact that it’s reasonably lightweight is going to help make easy work or pruning with limited stress on the arms which will help reduce the chances of picking up an injury. Injuries gardening are far more common than you would believe, so the ease of handling if should be high up on your list of priorities, and this is where the PP258TP excels.

Official stats tell us it weighs just twenty pounds and measure 96 by 11.5 by 11 inches. Compact and perfect for fitting in a garden shed with plenty of space to spare.

It runs on a 25 cc – two stroke engine engine for a steady and reliable source of power that provides consistent cutting performance.

Built in spring assist makes it simpler to get started and less work on your part, again reducing the amount of stress your body takes on board.

It also comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty for the event of something going wrong or parts failing early on.


Our final thoughts on the Poulan Pro PP258TP are very positive. It’s a very affordable tool that will enhance your gardening experience, go easy on your wrists, arms, shoulders and other key joints. A good degree of power and convenience is sure to be found by those who find themselves trimming and pruning bushes and trees around gardens.

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