Remington RM1015SPS branch wizard pro review

For those of you looking to make life easier cutting those harder to reach branches, the RM1015SPS model from Remington could be the perfect product for you.

Perhaps the most prominent feature from it’s list of specifications is that it doubles up as both a pole saw and chainsaw. It may not be an unusual combination, but a very handy addition that can really speed up the trimming process.

Looking around the web at multiple review sources, we found that consumers looked upon it favourably, with plenty of positive feedback and ratings that clearly displays it’s quality.

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Standout features and performance specs

For those harder to reach areas this electric pole saw should be high on your list of considerations due to the feedback received and excellent set of features that help it remain easy to use and work with.

A combined saw and chainsaw combo is excellent for both the thin branches and twigs as well as making light work of the thick ones. It is a real time saver and will speed up the majority of gardening and landscaping tasks.

A 8 amp motor keeps it light and maneuverable while still providing enough power, performance and consistency to do the tasks at hand.

The aluminium ten foot pole puts it’s reach further ahead of the WORX WG309 and it allows it to reach further than traditional cutting tools which can allow you to get to heights of up to fifteen feet. No need for a ladder and putting yourself in otherwise dangerous situation to trim those overhangs that effect garden aesthetics.

The saw itself is easily detachable from the pole which makes it a simple storage solution when not in use, as well as addressing safety issues, especially if you have children in the household.

Pole length can be secured very easily, operating on a flip and lock system that holds it securely in place for those tougher jobs.

What’s more the handle is well designed with special attention paid to keeping slippage down to a minimum. Not only does this keep users safe, but will also reduce the amount of strain your arms and hands feel whilst cutting.

Another failsafe included is a cord lock which ensures the cord stays plugged in at all times. There is nothing worse than needing to pause halfway through due to power being cut.

The dimensions are 39.8 inches by 8.4 inches by 9.2 inches which is reasonably compact, and should fit in your garden shed or garage with plenty of space for your other tools.

Additionally, Remington provide a 2 year limited warranty on it to ensure you are covered in case something goes wrong such as faulty parts.


All things taken into account, the Remington RM1015SPS pole saw is clearly a front runner in this industry. It will make a quality cut for pruning and is designed to be easy to use, and operate. Those of you who have trouble with both movements and tidying up those low hanging branches will find a very good match for their needs with this product. The low price is just the icing on the cake really.

Whatever your decision is, this model is certainly worth taking into consideration.

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