The garden of the year awards

Came across a interesting site that makes note of past and present winners of a garden of the year award. Some of the colors and designs are amazing.

Whats perhaps more amazing is that a lot of them are so old, yet so well maintained. I bet if I spent a whole year of my life trying to get my back yard looking anything like the images in the link above, I wouldn’t even be close.

For one, I have a large apple tree in the middle of the yard that’s hogging all the sunlight that needs pruning. Haven’t decided what I’m going to use to achieve that yet, but Probably something like this pole saw should get the job done, although it’s going to take a monumental effort.

And that is before I even begin on the lawn, it takes too much dedication to get it looking like that, it makes me wonder how many gardeners they hire just to get it in this shape?

As you can see, my envy is clearly shining through. One day I’ll get there, one step at a time.