Why taking care of your tools is important

I had a clear out in the garden shed recently and went through the various trimmers. pole saws, mowers, blowers, and hand tools we have acquired over the years.

Thinking back, we have probably spent a fortune on upper tier models. People probably think to themselves, why waste all that cash on the highly priced option, when there is a perfectly good value one right in front of you.

Well the answer to that question won’t be found out by you until years down the line, as I did. I found out of all the ones I was throwing away, there was plenty of low budget ones. However, looking at the models we spent an arm an a leg on, they have stood the test of time. This can be partly down to maintaining it, but also the overall quality.

One of the most common brands we found were holding up pretty well were Husqvarna and Remington. The mowers in particular have been performing consistently well for us for years and have no real plans to bring in newer models any time soon.

The moral of the story is, if you don’t take care of you’re lower budget pole saws, they are not going to take care of you.