WORX WG309 review

The WORX WG309 is an electric pole saw which a little on the heavier side. This can be seen as a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it. Someone with limited upper body strength may struggle to use this tool effectively due to the added stress on the arms. However, someone who does a lot of pruning, gardening and used to lifting things around the household will find this is a highly durable option that gets the job done well.

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Whats included?

As you would expect from a modern chain saw, there are several features that help it adapt to the environment around it. For starters, it easily detaches from the main shaft, allowing it to function in a chainsaw role rather than a pruning option for trimming high branches and overhangs. Certainly not unheard of, but a excellent way for it to remain versatile and get the job done for several different kinds of tasks.

Like the Remington RM1015SPS, it comes equipped with a fairly consistent flow of power through an eight amp motor. This will keep performance levels high despite the fact that this is a medium to lower tier option in terms of pricing.

The handle is well designed allowing for easy rotation. You often hear pruners complain of difficulty and stress on the arms whilst working. This will help counter that by keeping thing simple yet effective for pruning.

The pole itself extends eight foot to reach those branches and twigs that are out the way. Sometimes they can be extremely awkward to cut, so the length matters in most cases. How important this is however, will come down to the kind of trees, bushes and flowers in your garden. Some can have rather large trees in their back yard, whilst others opt for flowerbeds and easily managed lawns.

Whats perhaps more impressive is that despite all the features and design of this tool, it is very lightweight and compact. Pole saws can often be rather difficult to handle due to weight and stress your shoulders and arms take on board. That is not the case with the WG309, weighing just ten pounds and measuring just 42 by 8 by 9 inches.

What are consumers saying?

Not a huge amount of feedback yet from people who have tested this model. But from the data gathered from several online stores, we can see a recurring theme in positive comments. This may change in the future, but at the time of writing this review, we can certainly see several users who are pleased with their purchase.


The WORX WG309 pole saw is a excellent tool and one of the better two in one combo’s in the gardening industry. What probably takes me the most by surprise is the low cost. When you compare features and specification with several of the leading brands and their models, you can see that there is plenty of value for money to be found upon purchasing this product.

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